The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

B IV a     Petrus No

fs Adrianus and Petronella Verbanck

Lovendegem 21/1/1718
x Zomergem 6/9/1740 Joanna Stauthamer
xx St. Laureins 30/6/1744 Marie Theresia De Bue
xxx Eeklo 30/4/1787 Petronella Van De Weghe

Petrus was the fourth child, the first son of Adrianus No and Ludovica Roets. His godfather was Petrus Beelaert and his godmother was his aunt Joanna Roets.

On 6 September 1740 in Zomergem our 22 year old Petrus married Joanna Stauthamer. She was 4 years younger than the bridegroom, the daughter of Joannes Stauthamer. She gave him 2 children but died in Zomergem on 27/4/1744.  And a mere 2 months after her death, on 30/6/1744, he married in St. Laureins with Maria Theresia De Bue who came from Kaprijke. The couple went to live in Eeklo.

Petrus No was born a good year after Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and he lived through her entire reign. In 1718, the year of his birth, famine ravaged much of Europe as frost killed crops, fruit trees and domestic fowl as far south as the Mediterranian Coast.

In 1711 the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I dies of smallpox. He is succeeded by his 26 year old brother who fights to restore the empire of his Hapsburg ancestor Charles V in the War of the Spanish Succession.

In 1715 France's Louis XIV, the Sun King, dies four days short of his 77th birthday. He is succeeded by his 5-year old grandson who will reign as King Louis XV for almost 59 years.

The improved economic conditions of the second half of the 18th century, the fact that people married younger, healthier living and lower infant mortality contributed to a rapid increase in the population. Maria Theresa successfully encouraged agricultural production and industrial expansion and perhaps that is why so many more mouths to feed didn't mean more famine.

1776 was the year of the birth of the United States of America.

Petrus also saw the sweeping reforms of the go-ahead holy Roman emperor Joseph II, the eldest son of Maria Theresa who reigned from 1765 to 1790.  For instance his very unpopular decree to have all parish fairs on the same day.  Especially in Summer many people wanted to go to fairs in the neighbouring villages: for the overwhelming majority that was the only Sunday recreation there was to be had.

Petrus was a contemporary of great musical composers such as Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741), Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750), George Frederick Handel (1685 - 1759), Frans Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)  and of the influential philosophers Franois Marie Arouet Voltaire (1694 - 1778) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778).  The latter claimed that man was basically good but became corrupted by modern civilisation. Perhaps two hundred years later he would have repeated the same thing.  He also glorified virtue, work and family life.  He was the inspiration for the "Declaration of the Rights of Man".

Joanna brought 7 children into this world and died in Eeklo aged 63 on 14 November 1786.  Undiscouraged in spite of his 69 Springs Petrus remarried in Eeklo on 30 April 1787.  His new bride was Petronella Van De Weghe who was born on 12/2/1743 in Maldegem the daughter of Judocus Van De Weghe and Adriana Doostelynck.  She was the widow of Hieronimus Martens.  They disappeared from Eeklo for a (so far) unknown destination.

Marriage certificate of Petrus No and Petronella Van De Weghe
Marriage certificate of Petrus No and Petronella Van De Weghe

Here follows the transcript:

30a hujus premissis sponsalibus et factis
tribus proclamationibus contraxerunt matri-
monium petrus no viduus mariae theresiae
de Bue aetatis 66 annorum baptisatus in
Lovendeghem et habitans hic et petronilla
vande weghe vidua hieronimus martens
aetatis 43 annorum baptisata in Maldeghem
et habitans hic coram me infrascripto et
testibus petro no filio sponsi habitante
hic et petronilla Steyaert habitante in
omnes declarant si non posse scribere
hoc est    Signum petri No
hoc est    Signum petronilla Vande Weghe
hoc est    signum petri No testis
hoc est   signum petronilla Steyaert.
D Deraex pastor Eeclonia

On the 30th of this month after the proscribed bans and the three
proclamations have consented to be married 
petrus no widower of maria theresia de Bue 66 years old 
baptised in Lovendegem and living here,
and Petronilla vande weghe widow of hieronimus martens 43 years old
baptised in Maldeghem and living here, before me the undersigned 
and the witnesses Petrus No, son of the groom and
petronilla Steyaert living in Adegem.
All declare being unable to write.
this is    the sign of petrus No
this is    the sign of petronella Vande Weghe
this is    the sign of petrus No, getuige
this is    the sign of petronilla Steyaert.
D Deraex vicar of Eeklo

The children of Petrus No:

From his first marriage to Joanna Stauthamer:

  1. Joanna Catharina No
    Zomergem 14/10/1741
  2. Philippus No
    Zomergem 27/2/1743
    Zomergem 20/5/1744

From his second marriage to Maria Theresia De Bue:

  1. Petrus Emmanuel No (B V a1)
    St. Laureins 22/3/1745
    x Oosteeklo Joanna Livina Thyssebaert
    Eeklo 12/4/1811
  2. Brigitta Juliana No
    Eeklo 16/2/1748
    Died on 15/3/1776 while giving birth to her natural daughter Anna.
    We don't know what happened to Anna.
  3. Petrus Cornelius No
    Eeklo 10/11/1750
  4. Antonius Franciscus No (B V a2)
    Eeklo 18/2/1752
    x Anna Catharina De Hulsters
    Eeklo 16/12/1809
  5. Martinus No
    Eeklo 30/11/1754
    x Bassevelde 2/5/1798 Maria Anna Verhelst
    Kaprijke 8/10/1814
  6. Franciscus Antonius (B V a4)
    Eeklo 3/3/1757
    x Eeklo 21/5/1787 Anna Judoca Rubbens
  7. NN
    Eeklo 5/10/1762 and died the same day.

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