The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

B VII c     Ferdinand No

fs Petrus Bernardus and Sophie Taets                    brother of  Petrus

Boekhoute 29/8/1849
x Boekhoute 21/11/1875 Philomena Bral
Bassevelde 7/11/1945

His bride Philomena was also born in Boekhoute on 14/5/1845, the daughter of Charles Bral and Albertina Flament.  Both were illiterate and made their living as farm labourers.  They lived at Meuleken (Little Mill), 69 in Boekhoute.

Ferdinand NOE The famous picture of Ferdinand
in his pinstriped trousers
and no doubt on his best clogs.

For a long time this picture was on show
in the permanent exhibition in Boekhoute's
City Hall.

We are most grateful for this picture to
Mr. Freddy No
(son of Emiel (B IX a) and Gilberta De Smet).

Their children also received free schooling in the municipal school of Boekhoute.

Ferdinand kept a gun behind the kitchen door even while World War I raged and everyone in Boekhoute knew it.  But not a single German ever came to see him (about this).

Ferdinand was also a great raconteur.  And it wasn't always the truth and nothing but the truth he told.

Philomena died in the Meuleken on 17/1/1922.  Ferdinand staid on for many more years, alone.  He was finally taken to the old peoples' home—they weren't called Senior Citizens in those days— in Bassevelde where he died at the age of 96 on 7/11/1945.

Ferdinand and Philomena had 6 children:

  1. Virginie No
    Boekhoute 12/9/1876
    Boekhoute 25/12/1876
  2. Bernardus Aloysius No
    Boekhoute 20/12/1877
    x Eeklo 13/10/1906 Adelaide Mettepenningen
    Ghent 17/12/1959
  3. Hippoliet No
    Boekhoute 13/8/1881
    He married in Boekhoute with Elisa Versluys who was born there on 28/1/1880, the daughter of Joannes Franciscus and Valerie Heckstijl.
    They had one daughter Helena Maria.  She was born in Boekhoute on 25/2/1907.  She was married to Jozef De Schepper in Ghent on 1/3/1930.  He was a railway engineer.  They lived in the Meierij in Ledeberg.
    Elisa was still alive when Hippoliet passed away in Ledeberg on 29 November 1952.  Here is his funeral card.
    Helena died in the Byloke in Ghent on 25 September 1993.  Helena and Joseph had no children.
  4. Martinus Aloysius No
    Boekhoute 13/6/1884
    He emigrated to France where he married and divorced.  His only daughter married a certain Pisset.  Mr and Mrs. Pisset have one son and one daughter.
  5. Emiel Joseph No
    Boekhoute 21/8/1888
    Boekhoute 17/10/1888
  6. Maria No
    Boekhoute 12/9/1889
    She married Achiel Mouton from Jabbeke.  They have one daughter.
    Maria passed away in Varssenaere on 10 April 1931.
    Here is her funeral card.

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