The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

D II     Franciscus No

fs Hendrik and Petronella De Pau

Assenede 25/11/1669
x 1700 or 1701 Petronella Sabo
Assenede 14/1/1747

He was the youngest son in the family of Hendrik No and Petronella De Pau.  In 1700 or 1701 he was married to Petronella Sabo, the daughter of Petrus Sabo.

She gave him 9 children, 5 of which became adults.  She died about a year after the birth of the twins and was buried in Assenede on 25/10/1723.  Franciscus survived her for another 23 years and died on 14/1/1747.

The children of Hendrik and Petronella:

  1. Henricus No  (D III)
    Assenede  2/4/1702
      x Assenede 2/5/1733 Livina Francisca Mattheeus
    xx Assenede 28/7/1749  Joanna De Sutter
    Assenede 20/6/1775
  2. Adriana No
    Assenede 20/11/1704
    She married in Assenede on 26/9/1748 with 52 year old Judocus Van Den Bunder, who was the son of Joannes.  He died in Ertvelde on 14/6/1751. Adriana then came back to her home town and died there on 9/2/1784.
  3. Catharina No
    Assenede 7/3/1707
    She married in Assenede on 26/5/1734 with Livinus De Vos but she died less than a year later on 11/4/1735.  Livinus married again in Assenede on 31/7/1735 with Jacoba Verguyse, but they no doubt left Assenede. We could find no information about their death.
  4. Balthazar No
    Assenede 5/1/1710
    His godparents were Judocus Van Kerckvoorde and Maria Van Duyck.
    He married in Ertvelde on 30/11/1747 with 34 year old Elisabeth Lammens.  She gave him 2 daughters but he died less than 3 years after their wedding in Assenede on 21/8/1750.
    Elisabeth remarried in Assenede on 14/11/1750 with Christianus Aernout.  Jacobus Aernout and Joanna De Sutter, a sister-in-law from her previous marriage, were the witnesses.
    The children of Balthazar and Elisabeth:
    • Joanna Maria No
      Assenede 10/9/1748
      Assenede 16/12/1748
    • Petronella No Assenede 25/12/1749
      She married in her home town on 17/4/1787 with Joannes De Vilder
      but died there on 8/10/1789.
  5. Joanna No
    Assenede 20/4/1714
    Assenede 13/8/1714
  6. Petrus No
    Assenede 12/7/1718
    Assenede 3/12/1718
  7. Joanna No
    Assenede 19/9/1719
    Assenede 25/2/1759.  She was not married.
  8. Engelbertus No
    Assenede 2/10/1722
    Assenede 23/10/1722
  9. Jacobus No
    Assenede 2/10/1722
    Assenede 15/10/1722

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