Gerard Noë in 1929
The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

Gerard Noë in 1929

son of  Emiel Noë (C VIII c) and Irma De Bock.

Gerard Noë
Gerard Noë,
° 24/6/1907 - † 7/3/1992.

Were the four pictures below made on the same day ?
Estelle No in 1929  Gerard No in 1929  Maurice No  Agnes No in 1929
The pictures of Estelle, Gerard and Agnes have the imprint of the photographer on the back
and that's how we know the photographer was G. De Coninck from Maldegem.
They also have a date stamp on the back: "3 II 29".
(We don't know if that's 3 February or 3 November.)
The picture of Maurice has no stamps at all
but the painted background resembles the background of the photographs of Estelle and Gerard.

Their parents: Emiel No (C VIII c) and Irma De Bock.

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