The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family from St-Laureins in East-Flanders, BelgiumDeze blz in het nederlands

VII     Peter Jan Van Hootegem

fs. Jacob (VI) Van Hootegem and Petronella Dalle

° Sint-Laureins 26.12.1796
x Sint-Laureins 25.4.1834 Theresia Carolina Lievens
† Sint-Laureins 21.12.1878

Peter Jan was a weaver and cattle breeder (rancher).  His wife, Theresia, was born in Sint-Laureins on 27.8.1811.  She was the daughter of Bernard Lievens and Joanna Laros.  She died in Sint-Laureins on 21.2.1896.

The children of Peter Jan and Theresia Carolina Lievens :

  1. Maria Theresia Van Hootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 23.4.1835
    † Sint-Laureins 24.4.1835
  2. Ferdinand Frans Van Hootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 16.4.1837
  3. Carolus Francies Van Hootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 17.4.1840
    † Sint-Laureins 15.11.1858 (18 years)
  4. Charles Louis Van Hootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 22.2.1846
    † Sint-Laureins 19.6.1859 (13 years)
  5. Euphrasia Van Hootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 19.11.1850
    x Sint-Laureins 13.9.1872 Charles Louis Willems.
    He was born in Sint-Laureins on 4.10.1843, the son of Pieter and Marie Th. Scharlet.
«The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family
from St.-Laureins in the Meetjesland in Belgium»,
by Mr. Jozef Dobbelaere
with important additions by Mr. Aloïs van den Oever,
an article published in «De Levensboom» (The Tree of Life),
2007, 20th year, # 1.
De Levensboom is the quarterly periodical of the V.V.F. Meetjesland
(Flemish Association for Genealogy, Meetjesland Section).
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Peter Jan's parents, Jacob (VI) Van Hootegem and Petronella Dalle

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