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Your comments, questions and corrections are very welcome.  Let's face it, progress slows down in the absence of feedback.

If we have a question for you we might want to contact you.  That's why we ask you to give us your email address.

And if you have your own blog or website you can mention it in the form below.  If you do and if it is relevant to our work here we understand you authorize us to link to it here.

Please don't forget to clearly identify the page or picture you comment on.nbsp; Click on the address of the page—it starts with https://mijnplatteland.com— then, when it has turned white on blue you click Ctrl-c (the Ctrl key, the left at the bottom of your keyboard, and at the same time the c key), then you click in the body of your message and finally you click Ctrl-v (both keys at the same time).

We respect your privacy: your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your express prior permission.

The form we had here on this page, no longer works.  Our webhoster, GoDaddy changed something somewhere behind our back and now it's difficult to get them to help us to correct this situation.

So please, in the meantime, email us at info@mijnplatteland.com.

If you have a photograph, a funeral card or some other document
that we might do well to include here, please let us know !

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