Manneken Pis in 2008

Manneken Pis in 2008

Our Manneken in his Nelson Mandela costume

In 1958, just a few days after World Expo 58 had opened its doors to the public
Marleen Matthijs and her parents left St.-Jan-in-Eremo
for a new life in Canada.
In March 2008, in preparation for a visit to the land of her roots
Marleen asked Google for St.-Jan-in-Eremo
and one of the first websites Google proposed was ours.
Here she is now on a visit to Brussels
with a few friends from Winnipeg, Manitoba
and a few more from our Meetjesland.

What does it say on the cap ?  I thought you'd never ask.
It says  What more could one hope for ?

Picture of 27 April 2008.

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