The Cauwels family coming from Maldegem in East-Flanders, BelgiumDeze blz in het nederlands

Magdalena Maria (Madeline) Cauwels

fa. Eduard Bernardus Cauwels and Leonie Sophie Roels

° 27/10/1888 Maldegem, East Flanders, Belgium
x 22/06/1910 Maldegem, Medard Edmund De Rocker
† 24/03/1967 Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota

Research by Nicholas Schroetter

Madeline married Medard De Rocker in Maldegem on 22 June 1910.  He was born there on 10 November 1887.  He was the son of Eduard De Rocker who was born in 1853 and of Clemence (or was it Marie?) VERSTRINGHE who was born in Maldegem.  Medard was 5'4", had brown hair and brown eyes.

Eduard De Rocker and Clemence/Marie VERSTRINGHE had at least these 4 sons:

  1. Edmond
    ° 10 August 1883
  2. Medard Edmund
    ° 10 November 1887 in Maldegem
  3. Gentiel August
    ° 21 January 1898
  4. Bertrand
    ° 12 August 1901.

More about Medard's brothers follows here.

Madeline and Medard boarded the Kroonland in Antwerp and arrived in the Immigration Center on Ellis Island, New York on 20 July 1910.  The ship's manifest states their final destination was a brother in Moline, Illinois.  They had no ticket to that final destination, and travel was paid for by themselves.  They had $300 in their possession.  Medard had previously been here in 1905, travelling at the time to his uncle, Mr. De Vogelhaere, in Patterson NJ.

The records of the Immigration Office state Madeline was 5'5" (5 foot 5 inches or, for the Belgians, 1m 75, i.e. 1 meter 75 cm).  She had brown hair and brown eyes.

They moved from Rock Island, Illinois to Hinckley, Pine, Minnesota between 1916 and 1918.  According to the census records of both 1920 and 1930 they lived in Hinckley.  As occupations the following were given: farmer, carpenter and machinist.

She died on 24 March 1967 in the St. Lukes Hospital in Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota.  She was buried in the Rosehill Cemetery in Hinckley.

Medard died in Hinckley on 20 June 1972 aged 84.  He was also buried in the Rosehill Cemetery in Hinckley.

They had 7 children:

  1. Edward Medard DEROCKER
    ° 13 July 1911 in Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois, United States
    He was a farmer.  He died on 23 APR 1995 in Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota at the age of 83 of cardiac arrest and acute myocarditis.  (Death Certificate # 1995-MN-014642)
  2. Bertram DEROCKER
    ° 5 December 1912 in Hinckley, Pine, MN
    He married Virginia HANSON.
    They have 3 children:
    - Living DEROCKER
    - Richard Alton DEROCKER born on 11 October 1947 in Hinckley, Pine, MN.
    - Living DEROCKER
  3. Mary J. DEROCKER
    ° 21 May 1914 in Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois.
    According to the census records of both 1920 and 1930 she was living in Hinckley, Pine.
    She married a Phil Cauwels.  And we wonder if he was perhaps a relative of the Cauwels family from Maldegem.  They had a son who was born about 1944 and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    Mary died on 14 May 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  4. Nellie Irene DEROCKER
    ° 19 April 1916 in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL. Twin of Jane.
    She was married to Wilho Einard PIIPPO, who was born on 8 August 1914.  He died on 28 January 2003 in Duluth, St. Louis, MN.
    They have two children.  Nellie died sometime after 2001.
  5. Jane DEROCKER
    ° 19 APR 1916 in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL.  Twin of Nellie.
    She had been a file clerk for a railroad company.
    She was married to Roy SCHLETTY who was born on 29 March 1913 in Minnesota.  He died on 16 FEB 1984 in Hennepin Co., Minnesota. (Death Certificate # 1984-MN-003524)
    She died on 7 July 2000 at the Sholom Home in St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota.  She was buried in the Elmhurst Cemetery.  (Social Security Number: 471-22-9466;  Death Certificate # 2000-MN-020842).
    The have one child.
  6. Henry Victor DEROCKER
    ° 15 April 1918 in Hinckley, Pine, MN.
    Henry served his country in WW II and campaigned in Naples-Foggia and Rome-Arno.  He was decorated with : the Victory Ribbon, the European African Middle Eastern Theater Service Ribbon, the American Theater Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal 44.
    He was married on 18 January 1946 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN to Mame Eleanor "Mavis" PALMER.  She was born in New Richmond, St. Croix, Wisconsin on 7 May 1923.  She died on 21 DEC 1995 in Woodbury, Washington, Minnesota.  (Death Certificate # 1995-MN-037391).  She was the daughter of Joel Alfred PALMER (who was born on 15 June 1876 in New Richmond, St. Croix, Wisconsin) and of Jessie May CLARK (who was born on 31 May 1884 in Somerset, St. Croix, Wisconsin).
    Henry had died on 26 February 1993 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.
    Henry and Mavis are buried in the Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN.
    They have two children.  One of their grand-children is Mr. Nicholas Schroetter, our source for this invaluable information.
  7. Robin Alfons DEROCKER
    ° 25 November 1922 in Hinckley, Pine, MN.
    He married Aurora Amelia FERNANDES.
    They had 5 children:
    - Living DEROCKER
    - Living DEROCKER
    - Living DEROCKER
    - Living DEROCKER
    - James Edward DEROCKER born on 23 September 1946

As we said , Madeline married Medard De Rocker.  Here follows some information on 3 of Medard's brothers.  There were others; in fact Mr Nicholas Schroetter suggests there may have been as many as 15 siblings but so far we have no information on the others.

1. Edmond DEROCKER
Edmond was born on 10 August 1883 in Belgium.
He boarded the "Vaderland" (Fatherland) in Antwerp and arrived at Ellis Island, NY on 3 APR 1906.  His last place of residence was Maldegem.
The Ellis Island ship manifest stated his final destination was his uncle's residence in Rock Island, IL.  And according to these same records his uncle was named Louis Vershringhe.  This was clearly a misspelling for Verstringhe.
According to the Census Records of both 1920 and 1930 he lived in Rock Island, IL.
He died in September 1965 in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois.
Edmond was married in Belgium with Marie ...  We don't know her last name.
Edmond and Marie had 3 children:

2. Gentiel August DEROCKER
He was born on 21 January 1898 in Belgium.
He boarded the "Nieuw Amsterdam" at Rotterdam and arrived at Ellis Island on 30 September 1915. 
The ship's manifest shows that he had his passage paid for by his brother, Medard.  He carried $24 and had a final destination of: 1304, 43rd St, Rock Island, IL (Medard DeRocker's residence).
He gave as his occupation farmer.  He was 5'4", had blond hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.
He married Helen.  We don't know her lastname.  She was born on 24 November 1902.
We have no date of death for either.

Gentiel and Helen had 2 children:
- Enna DEROCKER born about 1923 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.
- Edward DEROCKER born about 1925 in Moline.

3. Bertrand DEROCKER 
He was born on 12 August 1901 in Belgium.
He left Antwerp aboard the Lapland and arrived at Ellis Island, NY on 5 JUN 1920.
The ship's manifest states Bertrand's final destination was his brother Gentiel's residence in Moline, IL.
He was a carpenter.  He was 5'5", had fair hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.
He died in Illinois in December 1978.

We extend our greatest thanks to Mr Nicholas Schroetter for the above information.  Without his work we here in Belgium would still be in the dark about the DeRocker, De Rocker emigrees and the life of Madeline DeRocker née Cauwels and her descendants.

For more details we refer you to the Gedcom of Nicholas which you may consult here.

How many brothers and sisters did Medard De Rocker really have ?  Mr. Nicholas Schroetter suggests it might have been as many as 15.  Here then follows the better part of a message we received from Mr. Joeri De Rocker who lives in Wilrijk, Antwerp.  Many thanks to Mr. De Rocker for this information.

Eduardus DE ROCKER (farmer)

° Maldegem 8 February 1853
x Maldegem 13 July 1882, Clemence UYTTERSCHOUT
Clemence was born on 22 May 1863 at Sint-Laureins and she died in Maldegem on 2 October 1931.
Eduard himself died in Maldegem op 22 September 1931
Eduard and Clemence had 13 children:

  1. 1. Edmond DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 10 August 1883
    x Maldegem 2 November 1905 Octavie Marie LONCKE
    + Rock Island, Illinois, USA 30 September 1965
    Edmond was cabinetmaker.
    His wife Octavie was born in Maldegemon 9 February 1883.
    She passed away at Rock Island, Illinois, USA in 1965.
  2. Henri Joseph DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 11 September 1885
    x Maria De Pré
    † Maldegem 10 August 1960.
    Henri was labourer and basket weaver.
    His wife Maria was born in Adegem on 29 May 1884 and she passed away er on 3 May 1969.
  3. Medard Edmond DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 10 November 1887
    x Maldegem 22 juni 1910 Maria Magdalena CAUWELS
    † Hinckley, Minnesota, USA 20 juni 1972
    Medard was a farmer.
    Maria was born in Maldegem on 27 October 1888.  She died on 24 March 1967 at Duluth, Saint-Louis, Minnesota, USA.
  4. 4 Emiel Eduard DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 17 February 1890
    † Maldegem 11 March 1890.
  5. Cyriel Camiel DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 13 January 1891
    † Maldegem 16 May 1891.
  6. Armand Clement DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 4 May 1892
    † Maldegem 25 June 1892.
  7. Livina Maria DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 4 June 1896
    † Maldegem 25 December 1896.
  8. Gentiel August DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 21 January 1898
    x Moline, Illinois, USA 28 February 1922, Helen DE WULF
    † Moline, Illinois, USA 2 March 1959.
    He was a labourer.
    She was born in Moline, Illinois, USA on 24 November 1902 and she died there on 28 April 1996.
  9. Rudolf Jozef Michaël DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 7 July 1899
    † Gent 25 December 1921.
  10. Bertrand Laurent Jozef DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 12 August 1901
    x Marie GUNNENBERG
    † 1978
  11. Magdalena Clementina Maria DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 2 August 1902
    † Maldegem 14 January 1903
  12. Nelly Maria DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 27 April 1905
    x Ghent 3 March 1943, Julianus Polydorus DE BOEL.
  13. Julien was born in Ghent on 26 July 1917 and he died there on 1 November 1945.
    Nelly was embroiderer.
    We don't know where or when she died.
  14. Camiel Gustaaf DE ROCKER
    ° Maldegem 14 July 1906
    Maldegem 18 September 1906

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