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The Nagel family from Eede, Zeeland, the Netherlands

Eede is in Zeeland just north of the Belgian-Dutch border, north of Maldegem, south of Aardenburg and east of Middelburg.  In the Middle Ages Middelburg was a fortified city.  Since 1977 it's part of Maldegem.

On the website of Mr. Ad van de Wouw we found that Andreas Bernardus Cornelius Nagel was born in 's Hertogenbosch on 3-4-1826, the son of Johannes Jacobus Nagel and Jacoba Adriaanse.  According to this same source he got married in Moergestel on 15-1-1852 to Amelia Maria Josephina van Heijnsbergen.  She was born in Petange, Luxemburg on 5-1-1825, the daughter of Hubertus van Heijnsbergen and Cornelia Vriens.  She died in Moergestel on 19 January 1911.
Here follow details of three children of Andreas and Amelia:

  1. Maria Wilhelmina Nagel
    ° Best 24-9-1857
    x Moergestel 16-10-1888 Ludovicus van Gils
    + Moergestel 5-1-1947
    They had four children.
  2. Alouisius Bernardus Cornelius Nagel
    ° Appeltern 24-4-1859
    x Moergestel Maria Anna Schilders
    They had five children.
  3. Petrus Josephus Jacobus Nagel
    ° Altforst (West Maas en Waal) 29 January 1861.
    His birth certificate mentions that his father was head teacher of the public school.
    x Hooge en Lage Mierde 12 November 1892 Philomina Margaretha Verhoeven.
    She was born in Hooge en Lage Mierde on 19 January 1853 the daughter of Antonie Verhoeven and Maria van Hoof.
    They were both buried in Moergestel, he on 8 October 1946 and she on 11 September 1947.
    They had at least two children:
    • Andre Jozephus Constantius Antonius Nagel
      He was born in Moergestel about 1901
      He was married in Tilburg on 4-9-1928 when he was 27 years old with Antonetta Maria Carolina Dingemans who was then 23 years young.
    • Philomena Maria Josephina Julia Nagel
      Born around 1903.
      On 8-11-1926 she married Aalbert Kok when she was 23 and he 27 years old.

Moergestel is near Tilburg.  From there to Best is 15 km and from Best to Appeltern is 38 km.  This last town is situated west of Nijmegen.

Appeltern, Best en Moergestel
Appeltern, Best and Moergestel.  Map thanks to Google.

The Zeeuwen Gezocht website (Zeelanders Wanted) has 3 entries on:
Andreas Bernardus Nagel and his partner Amelia Maria Josephina van Heijnsbergen (shopkeeper) but they have no record of their wedding, no doubt because Moergestel is definitely not in Zeeland.

According to the Zeeuwen Gezocht website Andreas and Amelie had two sons (that Ad van de Wouw doesn't know about):

1. Franciscus Cornelis Nagel
x Eede 10-7-1900 Ghislena Maria Hortensia van Vooren.
Ghislena was born on 20-11-1875 in Eede, the daughter van Eduardus van Vooren (Eede 2/2/1830 - Eede 1/11/1917) (broodbakker) and Melania van Belleghem (Middelburg, East-Flanders 20/2/1837 - Eede 26/8/1923).
According to details of their wedding certificate on the Zeeuwen Gezocht website Franciscus was born in Appeltern and he was 35 years old when he married.  That means he was born about 1840.
Franciscus was a carpenter.  His wife died on 13 May 1961 in Maldegem.

The daughter of Franciscus and Ghislena:

2. Christianus Constantius Nagel
x Eede 20-1-1882 Melania van Rie
According to the wedding certificate Christianus was 25 years old when he got married and he was born in Best, a place near Tilburg and  's Hertogenbosch.  He was school head.
Melanie was the daughter of Amandus van Rie (farmer) and Anna Catharina Kockuijt.  She was born in Eede and 20 years old on her wedding day.
Both died in Eede, Christianus on 12-11-1932 and Melanie on 6-10-1939.

The children of Christianus and Melanie:

The source for most of the above is the Zeeuwen Gezocht website (Zeelanders Wanted).
Many thanks also to Ad van de Wouw and to Jan van Belleghem: in his Family tree Van Belleghem - Bonte Van Loocke Heyneman we found more concerning Eduard Van Vooren and his wife.

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