The Romano Tondat Picture Collection
The Romano Tondat Meetjesland Picture Collection Deze blz in het NL

Romano Tondat

° Ghent 11 Juin 1930
† Eeklo 28 July 2016

The great Romano Tondat
Meetjesland Picture Collection

With this great picture collection Mr Tondat set out to make an inventory of what was left of the things our ancestors built in our Meetjesland.  If these old houses, barns, chapels, mills and stables couldn't all be kept for future generations let's at least have a few photographs of them he thought.  And now we are very glad he was not only so foresighted but also willing and able to do all the leg work: Mr. Tondat went everywhere in our Meetjesland and he took many hundreds of photographs.

We are very very happy we can show you here some of these pictures.  Let's hope we will be able to go see what's still there now more than 30 years later and bring you here also the modern shots in colour so you can see for yourself that Mr. Tondat was right: it is unbelievable how much of our rich heritage has disappeared and is disappearing right now.

Like Mr Tondat himself we group these pictures by town.  The Meetjeslanders were never consulted about the merger of their towns.  That's good enough a reason for us to still list them here as if those mergers had never taken place.  In the list below the name of each town is followed by the number of pictures we received from Mr. Tondat.  We hope we will be able to share here many more of his photographs with you.

Aalter 2 Adegem 3 Assenede
Balgerhoeke Bassevelde 9 Bellem 9
Belzele Bentille Boekhoute 5
Donk Doornzele Eeklo 2
Ertvelde Evergem 7 Hansbeke 19
Kaprijke 36 Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge Kleit
Kluizen Knesselare Landegem
Lembeke 15 Lotenhulle Lovendegem
Maldegem 8 Merendree Middelburg 2
Nevele Oosteeklo 10 Oostwinkel 4
Overslag Poeke Poesele
Rieme Ruiselede 5 Sleidinge
St.-Jan-in-Eremo 2 St.-Kruis-Winkel St.-Laureins 24
St.-Margriete 6 St.-Maria-Aalter Ursel
Vinderhoute 7 Vosselare Waarschoot
Wachtebeke 3 Waterland-Oudeman Watervliet 3
Wippelgem Zelzate Zomergem 9

We regret no orders can be filled for printed copies of these pictures.

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Most recent update: 21 April 2021

Aalter  2
Adegem  3
Bassevelde  9
Bellem  9
Boekhoute  5
Eeklo  2
Evergem  7
Hansbeke 19
Kaprijke 36
Lembeke 15
Maldegem  8
Middelburg  2
Oosteeklo 10
Oostwinkel  4
Ruiselede  5
St.-Jan-in-Eremo  2
St.-Laureins 24
St.-Margriete  6
Vinderhoute  7
Wachtebeke  3
Watervliet  3
Zelzate  4
Zomergem  9