Petrus Joannes Van Damme (V a) 
De familie Van Damme afkomstig van Kaprijke in het Meetjesland

Deze blz in het Nederlands

V a     Petrus Joannes Van Damme

fs. Carolus Van Damme & Joanna Maria Standaert

° Kaprijke 25/9/1797
x Kaprijke 1/9/1823 Maria Catharina Claeys
xx St.-Laureins 23/8/1833 Joanna Seraphina Van Hooteghem
Eeklo 18/5/1880

The first spouse of Petrus Joannes, Maria Catharina Claeys was born in Kaprijke on 4 September 1800.

In 1830 the address of this couple was listed in the population registers as Balgerhoekstraat,124 with two farm-hands and two maids; in 1846 their address was Balgerhoekstraat, 159 and in 1866 it was Balgerhoekstraat,31.

Petrus Joannes didn't go looking very far for his bride.  In the figure below we show the double relationship: his grandmothers were the sisters of her grandfathers.

Frans Claeys Caroline Theresia Claeys Jan Baptist Van Damme Carolus Van Damme Petrus Joannes Van Damme Petrus Claeys Joannes Claeys Maria Catharina Claeys

Maria Catharina died in Eeklo on 23/5/1831 and Petrus remarried in St.-Laureins on 23/8/1833 with Joanna Seraphina Van Hooteghem who was born there on 11/2/1810 the daughter of Joannes Franciscus Van Hooteghem and Carolina De Jaeger.  She gave her husband 10 children and lived into her 90s.  Petrus died in Eeklo on 18 May 1880 at 11:30 PM and as cause of death they recorded old age and "uitgeleefdheid" which literally means "spent, burned out".  His widow died in Eeklo on 4/3/1902.

The children from his first marriage to Maria Catharina Claeys:

  1. Johan Francies Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 2/6/1826
    † Eeklo 21/8/1826
  2. Jan Bernard Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 2/5/1827
    † Eeklo 28/4/1864, unmarried.
  3. Marie Theresia Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 29/8/1829
    begijn in Gent vanaf 1855 (Klein Begijnhof)

The children from his second marriage to Joanna Seraphina Van Hooteghem:

  1. Clementia Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 28/5/1834
    left for Ghent on 9/11/1857
  2. Ludovica Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 13/8/1835
    † Eeklo 11/5/1907, not married.
  3. Desiderius Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 24/2/1837
    † Eeklo 9/5/1838
  4. Petrus Bernardus Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 11/10/1838
    x Eeklo 4/7/1867 Amelia De Bruycker
    Sint Laureins 22/2/1878
  5. Jan Baptiste Van Damme
    ° Sint Laureins 10/3/1878.
  6. Jacobus Francis Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 20/5/1840
    x 1885 Nathalie Cromheecke
    Kaprijke 3/4/1898
  7. Louis Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 7/2/1842
    x Adegem 20/7/1883 Clemencia Rammelaere
    † 25/6/1897
  8. Ursula Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 9/9/1843.
    We read in the Archives of the Sisters of Charity that she joined the Congregation in Ghent on 28/9/1868 and received registration number 1034, that she took the vows as Sister Alicia on 9/12/1868 and that she left in March 1869 because of bad health.
    † Eeklo 24/2/1914, unmarried.
  9. August Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 31/12/1845
    x Adegem 19/7/1881 Marie Louise Rammelaere
    † Maldegem
  10. Charles Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 22/2/1848
    † Eeklo 7/3/1848
  11. Ivo Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 6/8/1850
    † Eeklo 7/11/1850
  12. Sophia Van Damme
    ° Eeklo 10/10/1852
    † Eeklo 21/6/1853

Our heartfelt thanks to the good people of the «Levensboom» (Tree of Life) for publishing an article «The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family from St.-Laureins in the Meetjesland in Belgium», #1, 20th year, 2007. The authors are Jozef Dobbelaere and Aloïs van den Oever.  The Levensboom is the periodical of the "Vlaamse Vereniging voor Familiekunde", (Flemish Genealogy Association) Section Meetjesland.
This publication in the Levensboom gives us plenty of information about the ancestors of Joanna Seraphina Van Hooteghem.

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