The Adegem Canadian War Cemetery: J.K. George

The Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

Who are these men buried here?

G.M.S. Stairs - A.G. Mac Kenzie - J.K. George - R.W. Ellenwood - R. Chretien

This picture was taken on 11 November 2004.
Click on the picture or click here for the full size uncropped original.

We are most grateful to Mrs. Marina McIsaac
for allowing us to publish here an e-mail from her
received on 11 November 2005:

I wanted to write to you and tell you about one of the men
whose grave photo is on your site.
The question WHO ARE THESE MEN is written
and I thought maybe you want to know.

Private J.K. George F.45370-24/10/1944 is John Kingston George.
He was from Halfway Cove, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I printed the picture of his gravestone for a lady
who lives in the seniors retirement facility where I work.
She was married to his brother who loved him very much
and never got to know him as he went to war very young.
I spent a few hours today with this lady
who showed me his picture in full uniform
and showed me all his letters he wrote home to his mother every day.

The lady I speak of is the last from that Generation in the family.
She has her nieces and nephews and they are all very proud of their Uncle.
Your photos are a very good thing for people
who are so far away and will never get to visit the graves.
Keep up the good work.

Sincerely from the George family and myself,
Marina McIsaac
Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada

We went back to the cemetery on 19 November 2005
and here is another and here a third picture of Kingston's grave.

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