The Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

Michael Dvernechuk

B/159372, Canadian, Rifleman, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, R.C.I.C., † 10/10/1944, Age: 19 (II B 5)

B.J. Galloway - H.W. Gunter - Michael Dvernechuk - G.G. Johnston - M.B. Thomas

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Michael Dvernechuk

This picture was taken on 10 October 2004.

Many thanks to Mr. Ron Sorozan for the following message received here on 14 July 2019 :

Hello Caretakers,

This is with great respect to the story of 19 year old Michael Dvernechuk who is buried at Adegem.
He was engaged to my mother when he went to war for the Canadian Royal Winnipeg Rifles division.  He and my mother were born in Toronto and they just were engaged right before his enlistment.
He was killed at age 19, in October 1944 in the effort to open the Port of Antwerp from German control of the area.
I visited his grave when I was 12 years old and when we briefly lived in Brussels for a year.  I was deeply touched by the visit and it provided me a unique perspective and respect for those who fought in WWII and all wars before and since.
During our visit, my mother cried.  My father cried.  I held my tears, but I was touched forever.  It was odd in that my mother wept for her love, while my father wept for his friendship.
What is unique is that if Michael Dvernechuk lived, I would not exist.  You see my father was his best friend who was a Corporal stationed in the airfields in England.  My dad was in the Royal Canadian Air Force and he survived the war.
After his return from war, he and my mother married. They happily stayed married until each died in 2001.  I have two sisters from their marriage as well.  I was born in 1961.
Myself and my sisters would not be alive if Michael Dvernechuk did not sacrifice his life in pursuit of freedom.  I truly respect his story.
My dad was a great man.  His name is Edward Sorozan. He was decorated for service in WWII.  I love him and I miss him.  My mother loved him dearly.
I do not know much more about Michael Dvernechuk.  However, I will never forget Michael Dvernechuk and his sacrifice.
Thank you.
Please join in a prayer for Michael Dvernechuk; and, God bless all fallen WWII heroes.

Ron Sorozan.

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