The Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

The Regiments

Here we have all the regiments with the number of their men buried in the Adegem Canadian War Cemetery.

When you click on the name of a regiment you should be put through to the alphabetical list of the men of that regiment.  If there you click on the name of one of these men you should soon see a picture of his grave with the names of the two men buried on his left and the two on his right side.


How many

10th Searchlight Regt. R.V., Sherwood Foresters1
12th Manitoba Dragoons3
14th Canadian Hussars1
17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars9
48th Highlanders of Canada1
52nd Regiment, RECCE. Corps2
56th (King's Own) Anti-Tank Regiment1
9th Medium Regt. R.A., 8th BN. The Buffs 1
Algonquin Regiment 68
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada 29
Army Catering Corps 1
Auxiliary Services Canadian Army 1
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 1
Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada 2
British Columbia Regiment 6
Calgary Highlanders 1
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa 9
Canadian Army Corps of Military Staff Clerks 1
Canadian Chaplain Service 2
Canadian Grenadier Guards 11
Canadian Provost Corps 1
Canadian Scottish Regiment 38
Corps of Military Police 1
Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers 12
East Lancashire Regt. 5
East Surrey Regiment 1
East Yorkshire Regt. 5
Elgin Regiment 1
Essex Scottish Regiment 6
Fusiliers Mont-Royal 6
General List Canadian Army 3
Glasgow Highlanders 2
Gloucestershire Regt. 2
Governor General's Foot Guards 6
Grenadier Guards 4
H.M.C.M.T.B. 1
H.M.C.M.T.B. 459 1
H.M.C.M.T.B. 485 1
H.M.L.C.T. (R) 457 1
H.M.M.O.T. 1
H.M.S. 'Glengyle' 1
H.M.S. 'Quebec' 1
H.M.S. Royal Edmund II 1
Highland Light Infantry of Canada 40
Hon. Artillery Company 1
King's Own Scottish Borderers 1
King's Royal Hussars 6
Lake Superior Regiment 22
Lincoln and Welland Regiment 31
Lincolnshire Regiment 3
Loyal Edmonton Regiment 1
Merchant Navy 1
Middlesex Regiment 1
Monmouthshire Regiment 1
New Brunswick Rangers 1
North Nova Scotia Highlanders 35
North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment 42
Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Inf. 1
Perth Regiment 1
Pioneer Corps 1
Polish Forces 33
Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 22
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada 22
Queen's Royal Regiment 10
R.E.M.E. 2
Recce. Corps, R.A.C. 4
Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C. 1
Regiment de la Chaudière 32
Regina Rifle Regiment 69
Royal Air Force 81
Royal Army Medical Corps 1
Royal Army Service Corps 4
Royal Artillery 21
Royal Australian Air Force 3
Royal Berkshire Regt. 9
Royal Canadian Air Force 41
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps 1
Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps 5
Royal Canadian Army Service Corps 17
Royal Canadian Artillery 53
Royal Canadian Corps of Signals 5
Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 7
Royal Canadian Engineers 11
Royal Canadian Infantry Corps 5
Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps 1
Royal Engineers 23
Royal Fusiliers 1
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry 2
Royal Highland Regiment of Canada 3
Royal Marines 2
Royal Montreal Regiment 11
Royal N.Z. Air Force 2
Royal Navy 2
Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 1
Royal Regiment of Canada 5
Royal Signals 3
Royal Sussex Regiment 17
Royal Tank Regiment 1
Royal Welch Fusiliers 1
Royal Winnipeg Rifles 66
South Alberta Regiment 15
South Lancashire Regt. 1
South Saskatchewan Regiment 13
South Staffordshire Regiment 2
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders 40
Suffolk Regiment 2
Welch Regiment 2
Worcestershire Regt. 1

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