The Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

The funeral card of Antoon Devreker

Antoon Devreker Antoon Devreker

Christian Hero's homage to
I. M.
soldier with the Canadian Army
born at Eerneghem, 16 December 1923
Son of
Gaston and Marguerite Daras
Fallen on the Rhine 30 March 1945
and buried at St. Michiel_Gestel (The Netherlands)
among his comrades in arms.

        Our blood, our youthful live
        were given away, undanuted to you
        o friends.

His officers and comrades testified
that Antoon was a courageous one 
among the most courageous.

He received the Military Medal,
because he had risked his life recklessly
to save wounded soldiers.  "Greater love no one has
than he who gives his life for
his friends" declared Our Lord.

Mortally wounded he immediately
requested a priest and received
the Last Sacraments.  It is now the
supreme consolation of his family and
friends, that he prepared himself 
for the Great Voyage.

His sick nurse wrote that
until the end he bore his suffering 
as a soldier, without weakness and

Dear mother, sisters and brother
don't grieve, I have done my duty
for God and Country.  We'll see
each other again in Heaven.

Sweet Heart of Maria, be my blessing.
(300 d. indulgence)

We are most grateful to Mr. Nico van Gijn
of Hoofddorp, the Netherland
for this reproduction.

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