Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand


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Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand

The Passchendaele Society Board invited all members to attend the annual commemoration
at 11am on Monday 12 October 2015 in the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
The New Zealand Division's involvement in the push towards the village of Passchendaele resulted
in the country's worst day in its military history on 12 October 1917
when 846 NZ boys lost their life on Bellevue Spur on just this one day.
The Passchendaele Society, with the cooperation of the Field of Remembrance Trust, installed 846 crosses
in front of the Auckland War Memorial Museum in memory of all those who died during the Passchendaele Offensive.
There are 3 families with two brothers who died on 12 October 1917.
The Newlove family lost Edwin and his brother Leslie Malcolm on 12 Oct. 1917
after their brother Leonard Charles had died on 4 October 1917.
You can see on this here photo the crosses for Rifleman James Francis Leslie and for his brother Rifleman John George Leslie.

We thank Elisabeth Cornille: she was there for the ceremony and made this picture.


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