Jan Noë (A I)
The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

A I     Jan Noë

son of Hendrik

We know hardly anything about Hendrik's son Jan.  No doubt he and his wife died young: we found no estate reckonings, not even in the region of Boekhoute.

Estate reckonings ("staten van goed") are lists or descriptions of the household effects and everything else someone owned.  Such a list was made up when an adult died if he owned something and if he had under age children.

The fact that we couldn't find the estate reckonings doesn't mean no such list was made: it might have been lost in (sea)water or in a fire.  Or it might be somewhere in an archive in Zeeuws Vlaanderen (Zealand Flanders) (which is in the Netherlands).  That would not be surprising for those village right on the border.

As explained earlier we are sure Jan had a son whose name is Joannes Noë (A II).

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