The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

B VIII d2     Dominicus NoŽ

fs Petrus (B VII d) and Melanie Martens;  brother of  Arthur Aloysius

į Boekhoute 6/1/1888
x 1914 Julia De Brucker
xx 1939
Ü Lede 11/10/1963

He was a signalman on the railways.  He liked fishing.  He 'emigrated' to Lede.  And there, in 1914 he married Julia De Brucker, daughter of Albertus De Brucker and Josepha Van Moeren.  Julia was born there on 11 November 1893.

Click on the image below to see a larger copy of it.   Click on the image below to see a larger copy of it.
Dominicus NoŽ Julia De Brucker
Dominicus NoŽ   Julia De Brucker

She gave her husband 4 children.  But she was only 44 years old when she died in the hospital in Aalst (Alost) on 16 March 1938.

Dominicus remarried in 1939.  He died in Lede on 11 October 1963.  His funeral card doesn't mention his second wife.

The children of Julia and Dominicus:

  1. Anna-Maria NoŽ
    į Lede 1-8-1914
    She married Honorť Cornelis who was a baker.
    They have one daughter
    Simonne Cornelis.  She is married, they have two daughters and three grandsons.

    In 1958 Honorť had to undergo a serious surgical intervention and from then until 1979 most of the work in the bakery was done by Anna.
    After the death of her husband she went to live with her daughter.
    According to information received on 4 May 2013 she has passed away.
  2. Albert NoŽ
    į Lede 11-8-1916
    He was married in Lede to Anna Cornelis, who was born there on 26 October 1921.
    Albert was a skilled cabinet maker.
    They had one daughter
    Nicole NoŽ (in the center of the picture).
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    Nicole NoŽ
    Who are the others?
    When and where was this picture taken and who was the photographer ?
    Nicole was born in Aalst on 5 May 1950.  She married Michel Van Daele, a civil engineer.  Nicole and Michel have one daughter.
    Albert died in Aalst on 22 February 1991.
    Nicole passed away in Lede on 7 January 2006.
  3. Marie-Louise NoŽ
    į Lede 12-9-1921
    Ü Lede 14-9-1921
  4. Marcel NoŽ
    married Alphonsine Maria Coppens.  He was an inspector of the Ministry of Justice in the Youth Protection Department.
    Alphonsine was sales manager.
    Click on the image below to see a larger copy of it.
    Who took this picture ?  Where and when ?
    They have one son Roland Noť who married Gonda Dierickx.
    Roland and Gonda had first a son and then a daughter and since 22/4/2011 they also have two grandsons.
    Marcel passed away on 31 May 2010.
    Here we have on display a picture of Marcel and Albert.

Many thanks to Mr. Roland Noť for additional information and for the photographs received i.e. on 4 May 2013 and 4 June 2013.

The funeral card of Dominicus NoŽ, August Coppens and Albert NoŽ

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