The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

B VII e     Joannes Franciscus No

fs Ferdinand (B VI c) and Seraphina Francisca Verdeghem       brother of  Jacobus

Boekhoute 27/8/1851
x Waterland-Oudeman 24/12/1875 Sophie Van Durme
before 1918

His bride Sophie was the daughter of Jan Baptist and Seraphina De Craene.  She was born in Waterland-Oudeman on 19/6/1851.

He was engineer or machinist.  They left for Borgerhout (now part of the city of Antwerp) where several of their children were born.  They came back to Boekhoute with two of their children.  They then moved to Eeklo where they ran a public house.  But he was also a clockmaker.  On 29 April 1914 they left once again for Borgerhout.  They both died during WW I.

We know of the following children:

  1. Emma Maria No
    Waterland-Oudeman 19/10/1871
    She left for the U.S.A.
    An Emma No was listed on the passenger list of 1887 of the S.S. Noordland (of the Red Star Line) bound for New York.  She was then 16 years old, servant, from Borgerhout.
    An Emma No got married on 14/9/1889 in Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey to Edward Van Paemele ( 1860 Belgium).  They had two children.  Are we still talking here about our Emma Maria No ?
  2. Eduard No
    Waterland-Oudeman 5/5/1875
    x Borgerhout 12/2/1898 Carolina Ruts
    Antwerp 21/4/1954
  3. Virginie Maria No
    Dendermonde 19/1/1877
    She was married in Borgerhout on 29/9/1900 to Petrus Francies De Villers, Waterland-Oudeman 3/12/1874, fs. Leonardus De Villers, innkeeper and Virginia Van Durme.  The groom's job ?  "Vuurstoker" !  That means boilerman or firer.
    Her dad was absent with a doctor's certificate.  The wedding act was signed i.a. by Virgini No (diaeresis on the e) and by A No (with acute accent on the e).
    They had at least 2 children:
    • Emma Sophia Leonarda De Villers
      Borgerhout 9/7/1901
    • Achilles Gustavus Henricus De Villers
      Borgerhout 17/8/1903
      Achilles' father is described in the birth certificate as "railway employee".
  4. August No
    Borgerhout 5/8/1879
    x Maria Philomena Van Mensel
    Their 3 daughters:
    • Sophia No
      Borgerhout 1899
      Borgerhout 22/12/1899; 4 months and 23 days old
    • Anna Catharina Petrus No
      Borgerhout 2/11/1902
    • Maria Josepha Eduardus No
      Borgerhout 5/3/1904 (Akte nr 228 van 5/3/1904)
  5. Josephine No
    Borgerhout 24/7/1881
    married to a certain Mr. Mannaerts.  They had one daughter.
  6. Julia Maria No
    Borgerhout 12/4/1883
    x Borgerhout 1/07/1902 Josephus Goormans
    Her brother Eduard No is one of the witnesses.  Julia and Eduard sign with No and not with No,the other witness is Julius Mannaerts, no doubt her brother-in-law, the husband of her sister Josephine.  Julia's father can not give his consent to the marriage due to a mental illness. The Doctor's certificate was added to the marriage register.  Josephus Goormans is a city employee.  He was born on 30/5/1880 in Borgerhout.  His father Victor is a cobbler.
    Their daughter:
    • Victorina Sophia Julia Goormans
      Borgerhout 12/07/1903
      The midwife came to the townhall for the formalities of the registration of the birth because the newborn's father couldn't.
  7. Joanna No
    Borgerhout 23/12/1885
    She never married.
  8. Henri No
    Borgerhout 15/9/1889
    He was a clockmaker.
    He married Margaretha Maria Coppenolle.
    They had one daughter Blanche born in Boekhoute on 30/8/1909.
    Blanche married a Mr Van Campe.  She died in 1988.
  9. Emilius No
    Borgerhout 9/11/1891
    Borgerhout 22/5/1894
  10. Clementina No
    Borgerhout 14/10/1893
    Married to a certain Van Paemelen.  They went to live in Berchem.

Many thanks to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde for important extra information.

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