Noe's Ark in the Oxford Bible
The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Deze blz in het NL

Noe's Ark in the Oxford Bible

Noe's Ark in the Oxford Bible

At the top of the page we read:
ceo e[st] l[']arche noe
and below:
de cumanda noefer un arche a tres astages e ke
il me[ist] lens lui e sa fem[m]e e sa treis fiz. cham e sam
e iafet et lur fe[m]mes et de bestes e de volatilie iie ii

There is a splendid 2004 facsimile edition of the Oxford Bible Pictures by Faksimile Verlag.  This firm was based in Luzern, Switzerland.  The publication is accompanied by a volume in English and German that explains everything in fascinating detail.

The brown background you see here on our poor reproduction doesn't do justice to the beautifully gilded original or Faksimile edition where the gold is embossed.

Noe's Ark in de Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily

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