Deze blz in het NL

The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

NOE Meetjesland - General Overview

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Hendrik Noë Jan (A I) Matthias (B I) Petrus (C I) Hendrik (D I) Jan (A II) Judocus (B II a) Matthias (B II b) Joannes (C II) Franciscus (D II) Petrus (A III) Adrianus (B III a) Petrus (B III b) Joannes (C III) Henricus (D III) Joannes Franciscus (A IV) Petrus (B IV a) Judocus (B IV b) Jacobus (C IV) Petrus (D IV) Franciscus Marianus Franciscus Anthonius (B V a) Jacobus Bernardus (B V b) Franciscus (C V) Joannes Petrus Petrus Joannes (B VI a) Petrus Bernardus (B VI b) Ferdinand (B VI c) Petrus Joannes (C VI) Petrus (B VII a) Francies (B VII b) August, fs. Francies (B VII b) Ferdinand (B VII c) Petrus (B VII d) Joannes Franciscus Ivo Franciscus (C VII a) August (C VII b) Eduard (B VIII a) August (C VIII a) Henri (C VIII b) Emiel (C VIII c) Arthur Aloysius (B VIII d1) Dominicus (BVIII d2)

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Adrianus (B IIIa)
Agnes Margarita
Amelie, fa Ferdinand
Antonius Franciscus (B Va2)
Arthur Aloysius (B VIIId1)
August (C VIIb)
August (C VIIIa)
August, fs Francies (B VIIb)
Bernardus Aloysius (B VIIIe)
Carolus Ludovicus
Dominicus (B VIIId2)
Edward (B VIIIa)
Emiel (C VIIIc)
Emiel Stefaan (B IXa)
Ferdinand (B VIc)
Ferdinand (B VIIc)
Francies (B VIIb)
Franciscus Marianus (A V)
Franciscus Antonius (B Va4)
Franciscus (C V)
Franciscus (D II)
Ivo Franciscus (C VIIa)
Georgius, fs Matthias (B IIb)
Hendrik (D I)
Henri (C VIIIb)
Henricus (D III)
Jacobus, fs Ferdinand (B VIc)
Jacobus Bernardus (B Vb)
Jan (A I)
Jan (A II)
Joannes (B IIIc)
Joannes (C II)
Joannes (C III)
Joannes Franciscus (A IV)
Joannes (B VIIe)
Josephina Benedicta
Judocus (B II)
Judocus (B IVb)
Jacobus (C IV)
Judocus (C V2)
Livinusfs Hendrik
Louisa Coleta
Martina Emiel (B IXa)
Martinus (B Va3)
Martinus, fs Adrianus
Matthias (B I)
Matthias (B IIb)
Petrus (A III)
Petrus (B IIIb)
Petrus (B IVa)
Petrus (B VIIa)
Petrus (B VIId)
Petrus (C I)
Petrus (D IV)
Petrus Emmanuel (B Va1)
Petrus Joannes (B VIa)
Petrus Joannes (C VI)
Petrus (B VIb)
Rosalie fa Petrus (B VIId)