Deze blz in het NL

The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B VIII a     Edward Noë

fs Joannes Franciscus (B VII e) and Sophie Van Durme

° Waterland-Oudeman  5/5/1875
x Borgerhout 12/2/1898 Carolina Ruts
† Antwerp 21/4/1954

Like his sister Emma Maria, Eduard was an illegitimate child.  When his parents married they recognized him as their son.

Eduard moved to Borgerhout with his parents.  And there on 12/2/1898 he married Caroline Ruts who was born in Deurne on 23/9/1877.  Caroline died on New Years Day 1939 and Eduard on 21/4/1954.

They had 10 children:

  1. Maria Joanna Noë
    ° Borgerhout 15-5-1896
    She married Harold Smalley in England where they lived and where she died in 1978.
    They had one child.
  2. Joannes Franciscus Noë
    ° Borgerhout 30-3-1898
    † Borgerhout 21-8-1898
  3. Ludovicus Cornelius Noë
    ° Borgerhout 24-4-1900
    x Alice De Vries (° Borgerhout 21-7-1902)
    † Borgerhout 22-2-1961
    They have one daughter Yvonne, born in Borgerhout on 26-6-1924.  She got married and has one child.
  4. Julius Joannes Noé
    ° Borgerhout 26-9-1901
    The officer of the civil service writes Noé but father Eduard described as railway employee signs E. Noë.
    The witness was Josephus Goormans, stationworker, 21 years old.
    † Borgerhout 27-11-1903
  5. Julia Anna Noë
    ° Borgerhout 21-1-1905
    † Borgerhout 12-12-1952 (not married).
  6. Josephus Franciscus Noë
    ° Borgerhout 19-6-1906
    x Antwerpen 12-10-1935 Victorine Van Wallendael (° Antwerpen 3-6-1908 - † Borgerhout 16-4-1968)
    † Borgerhout 26-11-1966
    Jozef was a commercial agent.
    They have one daughter who is married.  This marriage remained childless.
  7. Joannes Franciscus Noë
    ° Borgerhout 14-4-1908
    married Evelina Willemarck.
    They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.
  8. Augustinus Joannes Noë
    ° Borgerhout 15-11-1912
    x Germaine Cauwenbergh.
    They have 1 son and 1 daughter who each have 2 children.
  9. Victor Ludovicus Noë
    ° Borgerhout 5-6-1920
    First he was a clockmaker.  Later he worked for a civil protection project.
    He was not married.
  10. Achiel Josephus Noë
    ° Borgerhout 21-3-1924
    † Borgerhout 1-11-1951
    Hij was an electrician.  Not married.

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