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Dear Cousin, dear Visitor,

English is not my mother tongue.  Most of what I know of the beautiful language of Shakespeare (or was it Edward de Vere ?) I learned in or near London in England.

I thought I spoke English fluently.  Well, when I started on this translation I found out otherwise:  I needed the dictionary for innumerable terms and expressions.  If emendations are in order or if it's not quite English "as she is spoke" please do not hesitate:  your comments will be much appreciated and looked into gratefully and with great care.

Where I talk about your children, parents or grandparents, if you want me to say more (or perhaps less), or if you want me to say it differently, please let me know.

If you have more information on one of the persons mentioned on this site, or a link to your genealogy site, please let me know.

If you have a picture you want us to include, please send us a copy and make sure we can figure out who or what it is and where it fits in.

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I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Now if you think you have the answer to one or more of the questions below, or part of the answer or a hint, or a suggestion, please write to me and help us out.  Thank you.

  1. We have several questions concerning Jacobus Noë, son of  Ferdinand (B VI c).  For instance we don't know when or where he died.   After the death of his first wife Jacobus went to Ath to get married to Celina Maria Boquet.  Ath in the French speaking part of Belgium was a fairly long way off.  After her death he married a third time and his new bride was Emilie Calcus.  According to Marijn's book she was born in Bousignies.  I couldn't find a town in Belgium called Bousignies but just north of Ath there is a town called Bouvignies.  Two questions because of the proximity of the two towns (and the two last names): could it be that Celina Maria's last name was Bouquet instead of Boquet and if so, was she related to Emilie Calcus' mother whose name was Florina Bouquet ?  Finally, Jacobus had one daughter Margareta Emilie who married Philemon Van De Putte.  Did they have children ?
  2. What happened to so many of the children of  Vincentius Noë and Tecla Francisca Rabaut ?  They were born in Eeklo between 1797 and 1808.  But we have no further news from Carolus Ludovicus, Anna Coleta,  Anthonius Franciscus, Adelaïde, Marie Antoinette and Eugenie Françoise.
    And what about Vincentius' younger brother Carolus.  We only know that he was born in Eeklo on 29/6/1779.  What on earth became of them all ?
  3. Petrus Noë, son of Joannes (Joannes was the brother of Petrus Noë B III b) had 3 sons:
    - Jacobus ° Waterland-Oudeman 23/5/1723
    - Franciscus ° Waterland-Oudeman 12/1/1728
    - Petrus ° Waterland-Oudeman 26/7/1733.
    We have no idea what became of them.  Anyone knows ?
  4. If one of the parents of under age children died, then a list of their goods ("Staat van Goed"  in Dutch) was made and everything was sold.  I call that list of property in this website "estate reckonings" and I wish to express here my gratitude to Mr. William Goodfellow who in a message to me suggested this translation.  Did something similar happen in other countries as well ?  Is there an officially recognized English term for this list ?
  5. What happened to Emma Maria, the daughter of Joannes Franciscus (B VII e) ?  She was born in Waterland-Oudeman on 19/10/1871 and left for the U.S.A. never to be heard of again (by her own worried folks).
  6. In the Catholic Church we have Masses with singing and without.  In Dutch we say "Gezongen" mass, "gezongen" from the verb "zingen" is to sing.  And we have the "gelezen" mass (without singing).  "Gelezen" past participle of "lezen" is to read but also to pray.  What would be the correct terms in English ?  A Holy Mass with singing was of course more expensive.  (See Martinus fs Adrianus.)
  7. What happened to Joannes, the fifth son of Adrianus Noë (B III a) and Ludovica Roets and ... what happened to Joannes, the second son of Franciscus Anthonius Noë (B V a) ?
  8. What happened to Henricus, the eldest son of Petrus Noë (B VII a) and Rosalie Pauwels ?  In 1990, thanks to Jozef Noë of La Porte, Indiana and Leo De Keersemaecker, president of "Flemings in the World" a Wanted poster appeared in two Dutch language papers in the USA and in "De Windmolen" (wind mill), a Canadian paper.  Those appeals for information on Henricus were not successful.
  9. Marie-Louise Noë, one of the daughters of Petrus Noë (B VII a) and Rosalie Pauwels was married twice.  Did she have children ? If yes, who, when, where ? And what became of them ?
  10. And what became of Florence, eldest daughter of Francies Noë (B VII b) ?  Did she have children ?  When and where did she and her husband die ?
  11. What became of Emma Maria, the sister of Florence, the second daughter of Francies Noë (B VII b) ?  She left for New York with her nephew Edmond De Baets.  Did she rejoin Leonard de Baets, the father of Edmond and the widower of her younger sister ?  What became of them ?
  12. And how fared August, born in Boekhoute 2/8/1862.  And what about his elder sister Philomena ?  What happened to her after her divorce ?  And where and when did their father Petrus Bernardus Noë (B VI b) die ? 
  13. And what happened to Petrus, son of Francies Noë (B VII b) ?  We know nothing other than his date of birth.
  14. Joannes, one of the sons of Petrus Noë (B III b) married Maria Anna Burgghrave and they had a son Pieter who was born on 17/1/1748 at Watervliet.  We don't know anything else about this Pieter.
  15. What happened to Joanna Catharina Noë, daughter of  Petrus Noë (A III) ?  We only know her date and place of birth.
  16. What became of Jacobus, Joannes Philippus and Petrus Noë.  For these 3 sons of  Judocus Noë (B II a) we have nothing more than their date of birth.  And what about their sister, Livina Joanna ?  She married Judocus Roets.  Did they have children ?
  17. Anyone have more information on Clothilde, one of the daughters of Ivo Francies Noë (C VII a) ?   We have only her date of birth.  And what about her eldest sister, Marie-Josephina ?  She was married to August Martens and they had 9 children.  Six of them became adults.  Who ?  What ?  When ?  Where ?
  18. Where and when did Franciscus Antonius Noë (B V a) die ?
  19. What happened to Maria Joanna Noë (the daughter of Eduard Noë [B VII e]), her husband, Harold Smalley and their child ?  Who can give us more information on them ?

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