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The Musche family

Henry Musche was born in Maldegem, East-Flanders, Belgium on 14 January 1876.
He farmed most of his life in the Tampico area and retired to Rock Falls.
He was married and had a son and a daughter.
When he died in an East Moline Hospital on Sunday evening, 9 June 1963 at the age of 87 there were 17 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  He was preceded by his wife.  We have no information on her.
He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Howard (Mary) Bonnell of Boise, Idaho and by a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Peter (Augusta) Musche of Tampico.

Henry Musche had two children:

  1. Mary Musche
    ° 17/6/1906
    x Howard Bonnell (° 4/4/1901 - † Boise, Ada, ID 23/4/1990)
    He was the son of Charles Levert and Catherine Bonnell.
    They lived in Boise, Idaho.
    † Boise, Ada, ID 20/6/1992
    She has four children.
  2. Peter Musche
    He was born on 16 July 1892.
    He married Augusta Noe, the daughter of Sophie Van Hootegem and... August Noe.
    According to the 1920 U.S. census they lived in Calhoun, Michigan.
    But the 1930 census finds them back in Tampico, Whiteside, Illinois.
    Peter Musche's military registration card
    Peter's military registration card... when he was 49 years old.
    He died in 1962 and Augusta passed away on 24 September 1988.
    They had 5 children:
    • Arlene Lucille Musche
      ° 22 February 1918
      † October 1979
      She was married to Freddie Burgess.
      They have 3 daughters, Darlene Burgess, Joyce Burgess and Elaine Burgess.
      We hope they will contact us with all the news about the whole family.
    • Charles L. Musche
      ° Michigan 11 March 1919
      x York, South Carolina 22 November 1941 Evelyn P. Sides.
      Evelyn was born on 16 January 1924 in Concord, N.C. the daughter of Arthur Sides and Nellie Troutman.  She had two brothers, Robert Sides and Donald Sides both of Charlotte, North Carolina, and two sisters Doris L. Sides (the wife of Charles' brother Raymond) and Gladys Sides, the wife of Lloyd Stover of Shelby, North Carolina.
      Evelyn was employed at Frantz Manufacturing Co. on W. LeFevre Road, Sterling, until her fatal illness.
      She died on 22 December 1978.
      On 28 December 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Charles married Norma J. Gilpatrick. Norma had been married before and Gilpatrick is not her maiden name. From this previous marriage she had two sons Kevin Gilpatrick of Rock Falls, IL and Dennis Gilpatrick of Stuart, Florida.
      Charles served in the U.S. Army during W.W.II and was a self employed auto mechanic in the Tampico and Prophetstown area.
      He and Evelyn have one son Larry L. Musche of Tampico.
      When Charles died on 16 March 1988 there were two grandchildren, Jodi Mussche and James Musche, both of Tampico, two step grandchildren and 1 great grandson.  Charles' mother and his second wife survived him.  He was preceded in death by his father, his first wife and 1 sister.
    • Marian E. Musche
      ° Tampico, Whiteside County, Illinois 13/12/1920
      x ??? Frey of Dixon
      † Dixon, Lee County, Illinois 12/12/2003
      She lived in Tilton Park Drive in Dixon but she passed away at her son's home in Dixon.
      Her son: Douglas (Sandra) Frey has two daughters: Stacey Frey (Flagstaff, Ariz.) and Kristi Frey (DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL).
    • Raymond "PeeWee" Musche
      ° Thomas, Illinois 11/23/1922
      He served in the U.S. Army during World War II.
      On 6 March 1950 he married Doris L. Sides at Piggott, Arkansas.
      Doris, Evelyn's sister, was born on 11 December 1927 in Concord, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Arthur Sides and Nellie Troutman.
      Ryamond and Doris lived in Tampico.
      He worked for many years at Northwestern Steel and Wire in Sterling in the shipping department for many years and retired in 1983.
      Doris died on 25 January 1991 in C.G.H. Medical Center in Sterling.
      Raymond moved to Sterling, Illinois. And there, at home he passed away on 17/11/2010.
      They have one son Gary (Linda) Musche of Rock Falls, Illinois and one grandson Eric Musche of Rock Falls, Illinois.
    • Betty Jean Musche
      ° Tampico, IL 8/3/1928
      x Sterling, IL 4/3/1950 Ferdinand A. “Tex” Eisele
      † Dixon, IL 26/12/2015
      They lived in Dixon, Illinois; she worked for Russells Grocery Store and Krogers until her retirement.
      Her husband passed away on 17/4/2003.
      Their children:
      • Randy (Deborah) Eisele
        Lives in Rochelle.
      • Diana (Jerry) Johnson
        Living in Pennington, MN.
      They also have four grandsons and five greatgrandchildren.

We would dearly love to hear from these distant cousins and hope they will contact us soon.  We would be very happy to publish here a few photographs and other information on the family.

As we said above August Noë and  Sophie Van Hootegem had a daughter Augusta.  Augusta married Peter Musche.  August Noë was the son of Francies Noë (B VII b) and Ursula Mussche.  Is there a relationship between Ursula and Peter ?  Or is this just a coincidence ?

Sources: Find a Grave: the death of Charles, Marian and Betty Musche.  (Thank you once again Mrs. Judi McDowell !)
We found out about the death of Raymond Musche thanks to the obituary—now disappeared—on the Garland Funeral Home website.
Many thanks to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde who brought the genealogytrails website to our attention with so much information on the Musche family.
The information on Henry Musche's demise comes from an obituary  by Melva L. Taylor in The Daily Gazette of Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois which appeared on 10 June 1963.
And finally, again thanks to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde we found the the U.S. Censuses of 1920 and 1930 in the Family Search website.  Both mention Arlene Mussche, the eldest daughter of Peter Mussche.

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