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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

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The bulk of the genealogical part of this website is entirely the result of many years of research by Marijn Claeys and privately published in 1990 under the titel "De Familie Noë in en om het Meetjesland"  (The Noë Family from the Meetjesland).  Of course Marijn based his work on the parish registers, estate reckonings, notary acts, town registers etc.  You can learn more about this with a look in the Foot Notes (from page 185 in the original book).

We also wish to thank Sara Coblin Noe and Judi McDowell for information on their side of the family.  Sara lives in California and Judi lives in Illinois.  Both are descendants of Meetjeslanders who emigrated to the U.S.A., August Noë and Sophie Van Hootegem.

Marijn's first book was called "De Familie Van Damme, Kaprijke - Eeklo - Sint-Jan-in-Eremo" ("The Van Damme Family, Kaprijke - Eeklo - St-Jan-in-Eremo").  For those who speak Dutch here is the website.

Then followed a book entitled "Een Stam CLAEYS uit Waarschoot, bijna vier eeuwen in Kaprijke" ("A CLAEYS Tribe from Waarschoot, almost four centuries in Kaprijke"), privately published in 1987.

This was followed by the above mentioned book on our Noë Family, the subject of this website.

Marijn also published a volume on the Gyssels family which you can find here (in Dutch only I'm afraid).

And he is currently working on a publication of the Estate Reckonings of Assenede, one the 4 Corporations.  The first of 5 volumes of this work has already been published.

I'm sure I may say in the name of all those who were privileged to read one of his books we are most grateful to him for his work.

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Adrianus (B IIIa)
Agnes Margarita
Amelie, fa Ferdinand
Antonius Franciscus (B Va2)
Arthur Aloysius (B VIIId1)
August (C VIIb)
August (C VIIIa)
August, fs Francies (B VIIb)
Bernardus Aloysius (B VIIIe)
Carolus Ludovicus
Dominicus (B VIIId2)
Edward (B VIIIa)
Emiel (C VIIIc)
Emiel Stefaan (B IXa)
Ferdinand (B VIc)
Ferdinand (B VIIc)
Francies (B VIIb)
Franciscus Marianus (A V)
Franciscus Antonius (B Va4)
Franciscus (C V)
Franciscus (D II)
Ivo Franciscus (C VIIa)
Georgius, fs Matthias (B IIb)
Hendrik (D I)
Henri (C VIIIb)
Henricus (D III)
Jacobus, fs Ferdinand (B VIc)
Jacobus Bernardus (B Vb)
Jan (A I)
Jan (A II)
Joannes (B IIIc)
Joannes (C II)
Joannes (C III)
Joannes Franciscus (A IV)
Joannes (B VIIe)
Josephina Benedicta
Judocus (B II)
Judocus (B IVb)
Jacobus (C IV)
Judocus (C V2)
Livinusfs Hendrik
Louisa Coleta
Martina Emiel (B IXa)
Martinus (B Va3)
Martinus, fs Adrianus
Matthias (B I)
Matthias (B IIb)
Petrus (A III)
Petrus (B IIIb)
Petrus (B IVa)
Petrus (B VIIa)
Petrus (B VIId)
Petrus (C I)
Petrus (D IV)
Petrus Emmanuel (B Va1)
Petrus Joannes (B VIa)
Petrus Joannes (C VI)
Petrus (B VIb)
Rosalie fa Petrus (B VIId)